Favorite U.S. Trails

Steven and I were talking about our favorite hikes that we’ve been on so I decided to write about my top 5! I have traveled to every state in the U.S. but I have NOT done every hike! These are my favorites that I’ve done! Also interesting that 4/5 of these hikes have iron ladders and chains to help climb, what can I say?

1. Havasupai Trail


10 mile one way *must camp min. 1 night and permits are required (can extend hiking further) // 2,800 ft elevation gain (on the way out – last 1.5 mi is 1000ft gain)

2. Iceberg Trail

Montana {Glacier National Park}

9.7 miles round trip // 1275 ft elevation gain

3. Angels Landing Trail

Utah {Zion National Park}

5 miles round trip // 1630 ft elevation gain

4. Mist Trail

California {Yosemite National Park}

16 miles round trip *must have permit to access the cables at the end // 4800 ft elevation gain

5. Precipice Trail

Maine {Acadia National Park}

2.6 miles round trip // 850 ft elevation gain // *closes during the summer for falcon nesting – beehive trail is a close alternative

Utah and Colorado are my favorite states and have some AMAZING hikes but these hikes stood out individually. Moab is still my top place to travel!


Colorado {Rocky Mountain National Park}

2.2 miles round trip // 450 ft elevation gain

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