Momma’s Day

“Everything I am you helped me to be”


I probably don’t do this enough but I want to take a moment to appreciate my mom. She is the strongest, selfless person that has been there for my sister and I every moment of our lives. She has had to make decisions for us that no mother should ever have to make and has given us that mom advice that has shaped us into the women we are today (even when we didn’t want it at the time). Some amazing things she has accomplished in her life (even though I had to google them because she’s humble) include: Qualifying for the 1980 Olympic Trials in 10 events (only competing in 7 though because there was a limit), winning gold in 4 events at the 1987 world police and fire games (which all broke the national record) and won silver in 2, she retired from the Sheriffs Department after 30 years and to celebrate we camped for two months in the back of my truck around the US. She has been my role model, my go to and the best mom I could ask for and if you ask her what her favorite life accomplishment was it was having Nikki and I (even though I try to get her to say that she would have had doodles instead of us if she knew about them) Life will be difficult living in different states (although she has already driven out here 3 times in less than a year) but I thank god every day that you’re my mom.

Some life lessons she’s taught me are

1) Don’t EVER put your fingers near the ice skating rink door, it’ll take them right off

2) NEVER get off at 4th or 7th street, if your car breaks down pull over on the freeway

3) Never do laundry at the dinner table.

 I can hear her saying now “after everything I tried to teach you, that’s what you remember?” What can I say, some things just stick. 

I also want to acknowledge my Mother-in-law. I am so grateful of the bond and relationship that we have. You raised the perfect man for me and I love our weekly Video calls. I can’t wait to visit your new home

Here are photos of some amazing women in my life 

“A mother is your first friend, your best friend, your forever friend.”


*wedding photos taken by sarasolphotography

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