National Park Week: Y O S E M I T E

Where do I begin… Yosemite is magical. I have had the privilege to experience this park in winter, spring, summer, and fall. Every season offering something different. From full force waterfalls to sheer granite walls, everywhere you look is too good to be true.

FAVORITE CAMPING SPOT: 1) Upper Pines Campground // close to everything 2) Curry Village // canvas tents | good for the winter months (Although I have tent camped in Yosemite in December on snow)

FAVORITE SEASON: Spring // The Waterfalls | Fall // The Colors | Winter // Picturesque

FAVORITE HIKES: 1) Half Dome // Permits Required to get to the top | 16 mi Round Trip | Strenuous 2) Glacier Point // Four Mile Trail | 9.6 mi. Round Trip | Strenuous 3) Mist Trail >>> Nevada Falls // 5.4 mi. Round Trip | Strenuous

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