“National Parks are the best idea we ever had. They reflect us at our best rather than our worst”

Wallace Stegner

I feel like I have been exploring National Parks my whole life… but believe it or not, my first park was after I graduated college. I had been to National Recreations, National Monuments, etc but never one of the 62 NATIONAL PARKS.

That all changed one week after I graduated college. My mom had retired from her career and I had just graduated, so we set out on a two month road trip around the United States. No plan, no destination except our first stop, Zion National Park. Zion will forever hold a special place in my heart.

National Parks have been the setting of some of my favorite life moments. Steven and I met up again for the first time a few years after college; camping in Sequoia National Park. Our first major hike was half dome in Yosemite National Park. Our first backpacking trip was on the edge of Grand Canyon National Park. The first time we traveled to Colorado together, we went to Rocky Mountain National Park. We explored Zion, Canyonlands and Arches on our moving road trip from California to Colorado. So many chapters of my life have started or happened in a National Park.

National Parks have also been my escape, the places I could go and not have to think about anything except the present moment. They have been the setting of many photographs and memories I look back on when I need a break from the rush of everyday life. They are the place I meet like minded people sharing the same love and passion as me.

National Park week looks a little different this year. Instead of celebrating by exploring a local park, I will be celebrating by sharing my favorite memories I have captured in photographs.

24 Parks down! 38 more to go!

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