R e f l e c t i n g O n 2 0 1 9

2019 was a year we will never forget. We tackled a lot of major life events that weren’t always sunshine and rainbows. This year was the most tough and rewarding year for us. Here are some highlights:

1 | Graduating college I graduated with my Elementary School teaching credential this May. Comparing the demands of this program and my undergrad degree in business marketing, this program stretched me in so many more directions. My professors and classmates taught me life lessons that have helped shape me into the educator I am today. I established relationships with my mentor teachers and fellow educators that have been a huge part of my philosophical and pedagogical practices. Going to school for something you are passionate about is priceless.

2 | Moving to Colorado exciting and scary. I had a temp summer job at a bike camp but other then that I didn’t hav e a job. Steven had his career in California that wouldn’t let him transfer so he was still living in California until a job opened up in Colorado. Also, my whole life I never imagined leaving California. It’s all I ever knew, being a 5th generation Californian. I grew up with my whole family living in the same neighborhood. I was lucky to have cousins as close as siblings. Making the decision to move to Colorado wasn’t easy. Yes, it sounded like the perfect place for Steven and I to live (and it is) but we didn’t have any immediate family in the state. Growing up so close to my family; this will be hard. It was easier knowing both our parents were moving out of the state as well and even though they aren’t in Colorado, they wouldn’t have been in California either. We have been here for 6 months so far and no complaints.

3 | Wedding Planning can you say tiring. I chose to do a lot of the wedding planning myself. Save the dates, invitations, menus, welcome sign, Welcome cards, table signs, thank you gifts, etc. Steven and I even redid some wrought iron chairs for our sweetheart table. This was BEYOND AMAZING because I love crafting… but our wedding was in California and we were now in Colorado. OH! and I was in my first year of teaching (that comes later). Basically a lot going on… and I think I can officially say that I have felt the stress that comes with life. THANKFULLY, my mom drove out on my fall break to bring all of the decor I made back to California for us. Thanks mom!

4 | We got jobs! Yes both of us. I thought the world was ending for a minute (or the first half of this year). Luckily Steven got hired for the same company one month after I moved AS THE SAME POSITION. This usually doesn’t happen as you have to work from the bottom up at his company and this is what we were preparing for.. so it turned out even more perfect. For me, I wasn’t sure how my “California” credential would be accepted in Colorado. I waited most of the summer for Colorado’s department of Ed to look over my California documents and tell me THAT I WOULD BE ELIGIBLE FOR HIRE FOR THE 2019-2020 SCHOOL YEAR! This was super exciting for about 5 seconds until it became the most stressful moment realizing the school year started in two weeks. I applied to most positions that were left until I came across this one in particular that was looking for a 5th grade teacher (the grade I preferred) at a school that shared the same teaching practices and beliefs as I did. Blessing in disguise. A week later I got chosen to interview and did. I was so nervous before getting called in (and after) but during I felt that this was were I belonged. I had experience in curriculum that they used and felt good about potentially being able to work at a school that had many of the same visions I did in supporting the needs of students. I got a call later that afternoon and ACCEPTED THE JOB! Another very exciting moment for about 5 seconds until I realized that school started in less than a week. Being a first year teacher with nothing for my classroom, you could imagine the time crunch I was in. Reflecting on my first semester of teaching, I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT! I love helping my students grow into what they are capable of, I love the educators I work with. My principal is so supportive and I feel like I have become a better teacher because of her. I also have to give my team a shoutout! GO TEAM 5! I honestly do not know what I would do without them…. And as a work bonus, I get a sunrise view of the Rocky Mountains on my morning commute, so there’s that.

5 | GOT MARRIED! 11 | 10 | 19 #FallingMoenLove The most perfect day. Even though there was a huge amount of work that led up to this, I felt like everything went away on this day and we got to spend the best day of our lives with our closest friends and families under a canopy of redwoods. Redwoods are close to our heart as they were where we had our first date (Sequoia National Park) and also the symbolism they share. Redwoods have shallow roots that intertwine with each other to give them strength to withstand all forces of nature. This resembles Steven and I’s family intertwining to create a strong support for one another. This day was magical and we wish we could relive it over and over again.

6 | Having ourselves a married little Christmas we got to finally relax this holiday season and spend our FIRST CHRISTMAS TOGETHER! Not only our first ever, but first as Mr. and Mrs. Thanksgiving was also a very special time because my mom, dad and sister came out to Colorado to spend it with us. My cousin was looking at homes out here (HAPPY DANCE FOR THEM MOVING HERE 2020) so my aunt was out too and we were able to spend thanksgiving with my cousin and his wife and aunt! (My family just can’t stay away from each other). I loved showing them around our new home and doing our first turkey trot together! It was so fun even though it was about 8 degrees outside… (not normal). Steven and I had a marry Christmas and am looking forward to entering a new year decade together as husband and wife!

As this year comes to a close, the memories will last forever and we will never forget 2019. Accomplishing half of life’s major stressors in one year, we are ready for anything! Bring it on 2 0 2 0 !

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