June 17th, 2017: Day 2

Off to Oregon! What is really cool about this entire trip is that everything is new. I have never driven these roads or hiked these paths before and it’s even better that I get to do it with my sister and my mom! Oregon is the 46th state that I get to cross off on my goal to 50 by 25! 

To start off our day, we drove a couple hours north into crater lake national park. Truly breathtaking. Not only the views, but the history! Deepest lake in the world at 2,000 ft deep created from a volcanic eruption 7700 years ago! 

We kept heading north… 5 1/2 hours north… through fantastic parts of Oregon; Bend, Mt Hood, Rowena crest, etc… to name a few. 

Camping in Memaloose state park for the night!

June 18th, 2017: Day 3

Early start this morning to explore some of Oregon’s finest trails. 

The first was a 14 mile round trip hike to see tunnel falls. One of the prettiest hikes I’ve ever done. Jaw dropping! I’ve never seen so many waterfalls or so many different shades of green. Although the hike came with some aches and pains for the three of us, it was totally worth it! 

Our second hike of the day was through oneonta gorge! Short and sweet! This 1 mile journey consisted of hiking upstream and over logs just to dead end into a magnificent waterfall. Narrow river and lush green cliffs on either side was a perfect way to end the day! (ice bath recovery) 

After 35,000+ steps… we continued on our journey to Seattle! 



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