LA Series Tri #2 

Completed my second triathlon today and HAD SO MUCH FUN.

I arrived around 6:30am, and got everything set up before my fan squad arrived. My cap had fallen out of my wet suit on my way to the swim start and was in a little bit of a panic trying to search for it.  I decide to run back to the registration table to ask for a new one when KATELYNN GUTIERREZ was walking toward me! She had said she might come a month ago but never told me she actually was. Apparently she texted my mom during our Utah trip asking her for details! Surprised me! It was an awesome addition to the fan squad.

I got a new cap from the registration table and headed out to the swim start. I was in the last wave, female age group Tri express, and waited patiently to start.  The start was different then the first Tri I did but seemed to work fine for me. It was a water start which involved treading until the buzzer went off. I can do that.

Off we went! I felt strong in the swim and could feel myself in first the whole way. My arms started to fatigue toward the end and I started to rely on my kick to get me to the finish.  I normally don’t kick when I swim, nor have I really swam since college water polo, but it’s what needed to be done. I was first out of the water, but second to cross the timing mat.  Had a quick transition into the bike…

I felt good as I ran out of the transition area until I hit the bike mount line…. As I got on my bike and pushed on the pedal my chain came off my bike. I pulled over to the side and struggled putting it back on.  It was jammed in between my bike frame and chain ring.  I’m not sure how long I took, I’m sure at least 10 minutes, but then I was on my way again.  Hands greasy on my white handlebars, but what can ya do? A little frustrating having everyone pass you when you were first out of the water, but I was determined to pedal faster then ever and pass as many people as I could.

Saw my fan squad cheering for me as I came back into the transition area where I racked my bike and started the run.

The run definitely felt longer then my last tri and it was the same distance, 3 miles.  I remember thinking I was almost done and then saw the 1 mile marker… cool.  Tried to pick up some speed the last mile and saw my fan squad cheering me on again to the finish line.

It was great to have all the support. Mom, dad, sister, friend, and dog ❤️

We waited for results to post but gave up and decided to leave. I asked one more group of people if they knew anything about the results posting and they said it had been posted on the bulletin board.  I walked over to the board as Nikki walked my bike to the car. Found my name, scrolled my finger over to the rank column and saw SECOND! I told Nikki and we decided to wait for the awards ceremony.

After loading the car, I told Nikki I was gonna double check I was looking at the right results page. I checked again, and realized that rank 2nd was only for the swim… now I’m thinking, oh great.. now what did I get.  I asked the guys next to me what column the division rankings were and he pointed and asked where my name was. I showed him and he slid his finger to the Column and it said FIRST! I won my age group. That felt pretty good despite the series of unfortunate events earlier that morning.

Second sprint tri ✔️

Hopefully a Olympic distance later this year

And then amping up the training intensity for next years oceanside ironman 70.3 early spring 2018!

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